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C.P.A. Products

Engineered for all Applications

Conveyor Pulleys Australia C.P.A., is a leading manufacturer of engineered conveyor pulleys designed to the principals and findings of investigations concerning the stress in conveyor pulleys by Dr. H. Lange, 1963, and "The design of conveyor belt pulleys with continuous shafts," by Dipl.Ing W. Schmoltzi of Hamburg 1974. Including 50 years of associated engineering experience in our proven computerised design program.

Bearing units can be supplied to suit all C.P.A. pulleys.

  • Housings in cast iron or SG ductile iron.
  • Bearings: spherical roller, optional split bearings.
  • Sealing: taconite, labyrinth, other.
CPA Major Project Pulleys

CPA specialises in providing conveyor pulleys in Project quantities for major works in bulk materials handling facilities. Included in the scope of works offered is:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply of bearings/couplings and lagging materials
  • Testing with NATA Approvals
  • Quality Management
  • Delivery
  • Comissioning
Drive Pulleys - Ceramic Lagged

Drive Pulleys with ceramic lagging are supplied where friction grip is required to overcome belt slippage. This type of lagging is supplied with pulleys designed by C.P.A.

Non Drive Pulleys

Used in belt conveyors in the position of tail, bend, take up and snub. Supplied with or without lagging.

Modulaveyor Products

Conveyor Pulleys Australia are a major importer and stockist of the most widely known, modular belt Conveyor system in the world.

Modulaveyor conveyors are suitable for fixed plant as well as portable units and heavy-duty options are available.

Self-Cleaning Pulleys

Spiral, wing and other types of cleaning pulleys are designed and manufactured by C.P.A.

Shaft Locking Assemblies

Quality High-Performance shaft locking assemblies provide a secure connection between shaft and hub for C.P.A. designed pulleys.


Shafts for all C.P.A. pulleys are designed to AS 1403, in our computerised pulley design program. K1045 material is utilised for non-drive pulleys and 4140 for drives.

Steel Fabrications

Design, Manufacture and Supply of fabricated conveyor components and support structure.

Fabrications include:   

  • Head and Tail assemblies
  • Conveyor Supports
  • Take-up Frames
  • Feeder Conveyors
  • General Fabrications
  • Fabricated Steel (Mild and Stainless Steel)  
  • Custom Steel Work
  • Structural Steel Work
  • Folded Steel Work
  • Truss Frames
  • Bins/Hoppers/Chutes
  • Impact Beds
  • Belt Reels
  • Idler Frames
  • Guarding
  • Machining & Boring
  • Conveyor Pulleys and Accessories (including Conveyor Pulley Lagging) 
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Specialised Project Work

C.P.A. Guarantee

All C.P.A. pulleys are manufactured utilizing best engineering practice. A guarantee of long service life supported by our quality management control system, which provides documented conformance verification (generally in accordance with AS9000-2000)


Standards applicable - as required:
  • AS 1065 - Non-destructive ultrasonic testing of shafting materials - NATA Approved
  • AS 1210 - Stress relieving of pulley shelves
  • AS 1554.1 Welding standard as "General Purpose (GP)" or "Special Purpose (SP)" - Full Penetration
  • AS 1403 - Design of rotating steel shafts.
  • AS 1627.4 - Grit Blasting
  • AS 2207 - Non-destructive ultrasonic testing of pulley welding - NATA Approved
  • AS 3678 - For steel plate materials.


  • Shell from G250 plate to AS3678 or API5LB welded pipe.
  • End Disks from G250 plate to AS3678.
  • Shafting from K1045 for non-drive pulleys, 4140 grade for drive pulleys.
  • Hub connections using keyless shaft to hub locking devices, 'Ringfeder' or equivalent.

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