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About Us

Welcome to Conveyor Pulleys Australia

Conveyor Pulleys Australia (C.P.A.) provides design and manufacture of engineered conveyor pulleys, fabricated steel work and a range of structural and specialised project work for bulk materials handling belt conveyor systems and other industrial markets world wide.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide cost effective, quality engineered fabricated products for mining, extractive and general industries in the global market, supported by a proven, modern design practice and our quality control management system.

Our Customers

C.P.A.'s customer base includes the following industry sectors:
  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Power Plants
  • Recycling
  • Fertalizer
  • Steel Production
  • Heavy Process Manufacturing
  • Food Industry
  • Petro Chemical
  • Timber
  • Transport Industry
  • Port Facilities (Ship Loaders)
  • Machinery Builders

Quality Management

All C.P.A. pulleys are manufactured utilizing best engineering practice. A guarantee of long service life supported by our quality management control system, which provides documented conformance verification (generally in accordance with AS9000-2000).
  • All pulleys, after machining, will be concentric to the shaft to within 0.75 T.I.R.
  • Static balancing after assembly (excluding bearings) by the application of a torque of 2.7N-m shall cause the pulley to move in the direction of the torque.
  • Balance weights, if applied, shall be added to the inside of the shell plate surface outside the end disk and secured by welding. Weights shall not exceed 2% of the total weight of the shell and end disk assembly.

Conveyor Design

Our computerised infinite life design program for engineered conveyor pulleys follows the principals and findings of investigations concerning the stress in conveyor pulleys by Dr. H. Lange, 1963, and "The design of conveyor belt pulleys with continuous shafts," by Dipl.Ing W. Schmoltzi of Hamburg 1974. Including 50 years of associated engineering experience in our proven computerised design program.

Conveyor Pulleys Australia, C.P.A., designs and manufactures engineeered conveyor pulleys for installation in bulk materials handling facilities world wide. Manufactured in Australia to proven standards C.P.A. pulleys are made to suit all belt type conveyor systems and are available in standard and optional designs including spiral, slatted, wing, self-cleaning and elevator types. Availible in both carbon steel and stainless steel materials.


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